Video Examples + Case Study

Find out how we helped James earn more business with Video! ūüé•ūüėÄ


Let us introduce James.

James is the owner of James Uptown Pressure Washing who has been servicing homeowners and property managers alike in the memphis area since 2016.

We called James because we thought that there was something missing in his marketing plan that needed to be addressed. 

After making that initial contact with James,  introducing ourselves and explaining what it is that we can do for him. 

It was decided that we all should get on a call to discuss what James had been doing and to solve the gap that’s been missing in his business.¬†

During that time, we discovered that James tried to setup facebook ads himself. 

Leading to very ineffective results for his business. 

Thus, creating a reality for him that facebook ads could never work! 

But, that’s where we stepped in and to say¬†“Let us take a look at your campaign”¬†for you.

Our Discovery.

Upon looking into the accounts of James’ facebook campaign.

It was discovered that james had set up his ads ineffectively.

1. Wrong Audience.

The audience he was targeting was severely out of line to what he should be hitting.

¬†With facebook, it’s very important to know,¬†how to target and¬†test your audience.

We explained to james that just targeting the whole city is not only the worst thing you can do for your campaign.

2.Wrong Content

I’ll be honest I’m not the first to say this but,¬†“Content Is King.”.

We can not express enough this old adage!

Diving more into James’ campaign, we found that the content his was delivering to his frankly poor.

While, we all my think that the standard “before and after” pictures is what your audience would want to see.

but, it’s been proven and proven again that when trying to capture new customers who has never heard or seen you before.¬†

That you’ll need to¬†Show More and Say More.¬†

Especially on facebook where your audience can swipe away and away from you!

Drafting The Strategy.

After our session, we told James give us a few days. 

And That we were gonna draft a plan for him to implement. 

That was fine for him and allowed us time to fully tailor something toward his needs.

In about a week times, we came back together to discuss what we can do for him.

This is what we suggested.

First, his audience problem needed to be solved.

We told James, this issue can be solved by creating a audience fit for his market.

And then optimizing that group of people over time.

Allowing the campaign to develop and lowering the overall cost of his campaign.

Eventually leading to more and more quality leads.

Secondly, he needed newer and better content.

Next,  we mentioned that there needs to be an serious overhaul on the content that was being display with these ads. 

And while “Before and After” pictures are great for your customers and people who’s already interested in you.¬†

But, it does little to nothing when it comes to reaching people that’s¬†not actively looking for you¬†or¬†the service that you provide.

So, we suggested that for facebook ads.

We’ll have to utilize the power of¬†video, by using¬†videos.

We’re not only giving something your audience can sit through and watch, but also giving yourself¬†exposure about what it is that you can do.

Your videos allows new people to become more familiar with your company and brand. 

The more videos you can have out circulating on facebook, the better your chances are of generating new leads for your company.

Day 1 - Results.

What’s a plan if it doesn’t get put to the test right.

After about a week of talking and discussing with James.

We finally decided to implement what we hypothesize.

Pointing our guns to the sky and shooting for success!

Here’s what we saw.

The Goal

First we wanted to know, if put to the test will this even work?

Well, good thing we did here’s what happened.

James Spent $10.98.. Generated 4 Exclusive Leads for $2.75 a pop¬†.. in just a few hours…

Yes! This is Day One Results we’re talking about!

What’s even better¬†1¬†of out of the¬†4¬†leads turned into a paying customer in just 3 days time!

Even though the other leads were still on the fence.

They still were very open to having services done by James.

And even turned into new facebook likes for his page!

And entries for his email marketing campaign!

Not only that!

James was able to sell that 1 lead a job for $750 dollars!

James ended up doing the man’s¬†house,¬†roof¬†and¬†fence!

Since then james has seen amazing results in the last few months.

And has developed new views about facebook and marketing in general.

This is what we’re suggesting for you as well.

Here’s the video we ran for him