Genius Guys

Search Engine Optimization

At genius guys, we make sure you get shown on google through our search engine optimization strategies. By crafting consistent exclusive content, you’re set up to become an expert in your field. Providing massive value shows google and other search engines to trust your content and boost your rankings.

What is seo

Search engine optimization a set of strategies used to rank your web pages in Google’s and other search engines. By having your web pages rank a top of Google’s search engine results. You’re allowing your customers find your products and/or services easily through google. And in the process gain new customers searching for products and services like yours.

Business deep dive aka keyword research

Now first we’ll do a deep dive into your business to determine what best fits your content marketing strategy. During this process, we’ll begin evaluating the products and/or services you provide to determine the best keywords for targeting. Once we’ve developed a collection of keywords to target. We’ll begin the process of creating content for each one of those keywords. This will also lead into the process of acquiring backlinks, which is something we’re discussing next.

Outreach and building trust

Building trust is a vital step towards dominating your market. Once, we’ve done all the keyword research and flooded your asset with content. We can establish trust by outreaching other companies like yours that are located outside of your market. By doing so, this allows google and other search engines to see that you’re a top player in the industry and should be ranked accordingly.



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